All Teachers

Diana Metz
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Education: Bachelors in Business/Early Childcare
Experience: Since 2003
Hobbies: Yard work and various crafts
Adrian Pippel
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Degree: Bachelors in Early Childhood/Special Education
Experience: Since 2004
Hobbies: Reading and spending time with family
Erica Mangers
Part Day Teacher
Degree: Bachelors in English and Child Psychology
Experience: Since 2011
Hobbies: Traveling, reading and family
Laura Artwohl
Part Day Teacher
Degree: Associates in Early Childhood Education
Experience: Since 1999
Hobbies: Beach, gardening and family
Luanne Howard
Office Manager
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Experience: Since 2014
Hobbies: Scuba diving, biking and family