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    Steps to Enrollment

    Determine the type of program can be a challenging task.  At Gingercare we aim to make the decision an easy one for you by offering a full range of full-day or part-day programs.  Our programs provide flexibility by allowing you to choose  the schedule and number of days that works for your family.   We are here to accommodate the busy schedules families have.

    Once you determine which program works for you and what days you would be interested in, it’s easy.  Call us or email us to check availability and set up a time to tour our center.

    Come and view our center.  You (and your child) can go into the classes and see first hand how exciting and inviting our classes are.  You will be able to interact with the teachers and see their nurturing styles.  Immerse yourself in the art work and engaging materials throughout the classroom.  This is where the fun and learning takes place.  Enjoy your time.

    When you enroll your child at Gingercare, you can be assured that your child will be getting the best early preschool education experience in an exceptional environment.

    Immunizations must be up to date to include a TB and lead screening.

    Please bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport.

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    Healthy and Delicious Meals

    Gingercare provides two snacks and one meal for the full day children, and one snack for the part day children.  Our meals are balanced and a variety of foods are always provided.  Snack and meal time are also teaching opportunities for the children.  Allergies and special dietary needs are always accommodated with a doctors note.  We take allergies very serious.

    Exceptional Teacher Child Ratios

    At Gingercare we believe a smaller teacher child ratio is the key to building strong, compassionate, bright children.  We keep the numbers of children to teachers under the state levels to provide the best learning environment and more individual attention for your child.

    Safe and Secure Environment

    Gingercare is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for your children.  All classrooms are locked at all times and require a PIN to open the door. Parents or designated adults must sign in with their secure PIN on our computer before dropping off or picking up children.   Photo IDs are required for any unfamiliar visitors.