About this Program

Age: 4 - 5 Years
Time: 7 am - 6 pm
Class Size: 16
Number of Teachers: 2
Days Per Week: 2 to 5 Days
Price: $256 / Week | $64 / Day

Program Features

Fours love being part of a group and spending time with their friends.  They are learning to work through differences on their own and are developing good manners.  They enjoy sitting with their friends at snack time and spending time together at centers, outside, and group time.

Centers include blocks, dramatic play, art activities, table toys, book corner, and sensory table.  During center times, teachers work with individual children and small groups on science, pre-reading and writing activities, and math.

At group times, teachers introduce the monthly theme, upper and lower case letters, numbers, and calendar.  Stories and music are a part of this time reinforcing and expanding on the themes and children’s general knowledge.

Children will be introduced to letter sounds and beginning journaling, as they begin to learn about reading.  Journaling skills begin with the children drawing and dictating the story of their picture to teachers.

As part of math, children learn about patterning, counting, graphing, measuring, money use and coinage, and estimating.  Often the teaching of these skills are part of a themed unit or activity such as the patterning of calendar day markers, measuring the length of a whale, or counting the pieces needed for an art project.

The development of fine motor skills is important during this year as children begin to write letters and numbers.  Activities and artwork encourage the coordination needed for this learning.

Children are encouraged to do as much as possible for themselves.  They dress themselves for outdoor activities and clean up after playing and snack.  They are encouraged to care for the items they bring and their artwork.

Class Focus


Our pre-kindergarten program is geared to prepare students for Kindergarten. The combination of teacher directed activities and children’s choice allows students to become independent learners while interacting and receiving feedback from caring teachers. Children will build literacy and math skills providing a solid foundation for future academic success.