About this Program

Age: 8 Weeks - 2 Years
Time: 7 am - 6 pm
Class Size: 10
Number of Teachers: 3
Days Per Week: 2 to 5 Days
Price: $312 / Week | $78 / Day

Program Features

The infant-toddler room’s daily schedule allows for a variety of active / quiet and teacher directed / free choice activities.  Learning about self and others are important to future social and emotional skills.  Snacks and lunch are great social times as children sit together eating.

The infant curriculum has been developed to optimize the opportunity to learn through movement, music, language, and sensory activities.  Activities are chosen to encourage the babies to achieve the age appropriate milestones.

Older infants and toddlers enjoy a variety of art and sensory play, including painting, play dough, and water play.  This type of play encourages children in learning about their world and the sensory experiences help them to develop new learning abilities.

Music is an important part of the day.  The rhythm and rhyme of songs are building blocks in math and reading development.  The beat can calm or energize children depending on the music.

The classroom is language enriched to help developing communication skills and cognitive development.  Teachers read many stories to the children and use words to label pictures and actions.

Young infants enjoy time interacting with teachers, rocking, singing, and playing infant games that promote motor development, body control, communication, and cognitive development.  Teachers look for appropriate age responses in these areas tailoring activities to encourage specific growth for individual children.

Children have free choice time where they choose the centers they wish to play.  This encourages emerging social skills and fine motor growth.

Outside, children explore their world and gain motor skills.  They may ride a tricycle, make bubbles, or slide on the climber.

Class Focus

Motor Skills

Gingercare provides a warm, inviting environment for infants and toddlers. The small class allows for the individual attention that our youngest children need. Teachers provide a stimulating and secure environment providing our little ones the opportunity to reach the milestones of learning needed in the first years of life.