Flexible Part Day

About this Course

Age: 3 - 5 Years
Time: 8:45 am - 11:45 am
Class Size: 10
Number of Teachers: 2
Price: $165 - $411 / Month

Program Features

Curriculum and center time allows them to choose who they want to play and work with and what they would like to do.  Teachers encourage children to try new activities and these new accomplishments bolster their confidence and love of learning.

Group time allows for children to practice sitting with friends, listen and share, and develop a longer attention span.  Children are introduced to monthly themes, calendar, alphabet, and numbers during this time.  Sometimes a learning game, science experiment, or math activity will be part of the whole group time.  Songs and movement encourage memory and body control.

Art and table toys help to develop the children’s fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.  Work with markers, crayons, scissors, and paints prepare them from the writing and other skills they will need for elementary school.

Monthly themes encourage specific learning areas appropriate to the age.  These theses include activities from all curriculums and provide a variety in teaching skills such as counting or vocabulary.

Children will be introduced to letter sounds and beginning journaling, as they begin to learn about reading.  Journaling skills begin with the children drawing and dictating the story of their picture to teachers.

As part of math, children learn about patterning, counting, graphing, measuring, money use and coinage, and estimating.  Often the teaching of these skills are part of a themed unit or activity such as the patterning of calendar day markers, measuring the length of a whale, or counting the pieces needed for an art project.

The development of fine motor skills is important during this year as children begin to write letters and numbers.  Activities and artwork encourage the coordination needed for this learning.

Preschoolers are very social.  They are learning to cooperate and work with other children.  They respond to other people’s feelings and emotions.  They accepts and respond to teacher’s authority.  They love being part of a group.

Children are encouraged to do as much as possible for themselves.  They dress themselves for outdoor activities and clean up after playing and snack.  They are encouraged to care for the items they bring and their artwork.

Class Focus


We are offering a new and exciting flexible Part Day program. The three and four year old children will be in a combined program. This grouping can benefit both age groups educationally. Curriculum will continue to be our established successful Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten program. Families may choose 2-5 days of attendance for their child based on the family’s needs and wants.

Our Part Day classroom teachers meet the children at their cars in our circle driveway.  Parents sign children in and teachers help them prepare for the day.   After class the teachers return children back to their cars.  We have found this to be a convenient perk for families with other young siblings and allows for easy separation.