Ginger Care Families,

First of all, I want to say thank you for your patience over the past several weeks as we have experienced several staffing changes and transitions within Ginger Care. Most notably as you know, our director De Austin is moving on from Ginger Care to further her career elsewhere. I know you join me in your gratitude for her tireless efforts during her time with us, especially in light of the many challenges of the pandemic. She successfully established Ginger Care as an emergency care site and then secured the funds for our full return, all while ensuring for your children the highest standards of care and education that Ginger Care is known for.

As we have been preparing for this transition, members of our Ginger Care Board of Trustees have stepped in to provide support during the interim, namely Dr. Rebecca Pruitt and board president Bob Southworth. Together our teachers and these board members have been working toward the goal of continuing our standards of safe, high quality care for your children.

However, continued shifts in staffing as recently as this week have created a situation in which this goal cannot feasibly be met. Therefore, it is with heavy hearts that the Ginger Care Board of Trustees has decided to immediately begin plans to discontinue operations. At this point in time, our tentative final day is April 9th, though we will be carefully attending to DCFS licensing requirements between now and then, which may dictate changes. Our commitment to you moving forward is to provide regular updates about this process and provide the safest and best transition possible for your children. During the interim, you may reach out to me directly or to the Ginger Care Board President, Bob Southworth, using our contact information listed below.

Lastly, please know that it is our privilege to serve you and your family. Ginger Care has always been a valued ministry of Ginger Creek Community Church because it enables us to have the opportunity to serve families in our community we might not otherwise engage. Thank you for the trust you demonstrate by allowing us to care for your child. We value them and you.

God Bless You,

Kevin Pruitt

Kevin Pruitt | Senior Pastor | Ginger Creek Community Church | 630.631.0127 |

Bob Southworth| Board President | Ginger Care Academy | 630.631.0111 |